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Published May 2, 2024 by David Wolff
What is the Value of Dash Cam Footage after a Truck Crash?

Dash cams capture every moment of a truck accident from start to finish. With such footage, you could have evidence to prove your case. It isn’t always easy to obtain dash cam footage, however. Below, a Buffalo truck accident attorney…

Published April 25, 2024 by David Wolff
Who Can File a Claim for Wrongful Death in New York?

Your loved one has perished in an untimely accident, and now you’re wondering whether you can seek compensation for your loss. The answer depends on whether you’re a personal representative of the deceased’s estate. Even if you’re not, it doesn’t…

Published April 18, 2024 by David Wolff
What to Do After a Car Accident That Wasn’t Your Fault

Even if you’re a good driver, you can’t predict the actions of others on the road. Every day, tailgating, swerving, drunk driving, and even simple inattention cause a slew of accidents on Buffalo, New York roads. If you’ve been in…

Published April 11, 2024 by David Wolff
What Should I Do If I Fall in a Grocery Store in Buffalo, NY?

Going to the grocery store can be a mundane event. But one day, you fall on your back or hit your head while browsing the aisles, and now you’re in serious pain. You’re furious, too. If the store owner had…

Published April 7, 2021 by David Wolff
Injured in a Truck Accident? Here’s Why MCS-90 is Important

One of the first documents the Buffalo truck accident attorneys of Cantor, Wolff, Nicastro & Hall LLC look for when investigating a truck accident on behalf of an injured client is Form MCS-90. This form states that the commercial truck…

Published February 24, 2021 by David Wolff
Who Pays My Medical Bills if I’m in a Car Accident?

New Yorkers who are injured in car accidents are sometimes surprised to learn the way that New York handles compensation for injuries in motor vehicle accidents. New York is a no-fault state regarding auto insurance. After a car accident involving…

Published February 3, 2021 by David Wolff
How Pre-existing Conditions May Affect Car Accident Claims

The biggest portion of a monetary settlement after a car accident is typically payment for the accident victim’s medical expenses. This is money to pay bills for treatment needed because of injuries suffered in the accident. However, if the accident…

Published October 27, 2020 by David Wolff
Lawsuits: Understanding the Process

Lawsuits are rarely your focus when living your day-to-day. Then one day you’re blindsided with a car crash, or other injury thanks to someone else’s ignorance. Whether you’re faced with short term, long term or permanent disability, you deserve compensation…

Published October 22, 2020 by David Wolff
Companies Making False Coronavirus Claims & Your Rights

Companies have been caught making false claims amid the coronavirus pandemic. The FTC is cracking down on such claims as the FDA has not publicly approved, cleared, or authorized any consumer product for preventing or curing the virus. If any organization has targeted you…

Published October 21, 2020 by David Wolff
Price Gouging in the Time of COVID-19

Price gouging- generally an increase of more than 10%- is sweeping the nation in light of the COVID-10 Pandemic. And the Buffalo, NY area is no exception. But what can you do to protect yourself as a consumer? Price Gouging…

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