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Rich Hall


Rich Hall

Rich started his career working for insurance companies and big corporations, this experience was eye-opening. Rich immediately learned one thing: insurance companies and big corporations have one goal: putting profits over people.

Insurance companies collect our monthly insurance premium payments and when one of their insureds violates a safety rule and hurts someone, they make it miserable and turn the injured victim into a criminal. It became clear that insurance companies and big corporations hurt far more people and families than they ever help. Deep down, Rich knew that helping people should be his top priority. Rich switched sides and became a lawyer who helps instead of harms. As a plaintiff’s lawyer, Rich has the opportunity to protect injury victims and use his experience with the insurance companies and big corporations to fight their misdeeds and force them to do the right thing.

Rich is passionate about helping people and families who suffer when others break important safety rules. As a community, we must hold rule-breakers accountable for breaking the safety rules that keep us all safe. Together, we must discourage and deter these rule-breakers because when we don’t, this dangerous behavior is rewarded and behavior rewarded is behavior repeated. Holding safety rule violators accountable helps keep all of us and our families safe.

As a plaintiff’s lawyer, Rich has obtained many verdicts in excess of a million dollars, some of the largest verdicts of their type in New York State. Rich spoke to the jury after each one of those verdicts. The jurors told him that they unquestionably understood that they were representatives for our community and they simply could not allow a safety rule violator to hurt a member of our community and get away with it. Those jurors knew that their verdict would help stop the safety rule violation from ever happening again.

Rich was raised in North Buffalo and currently lives in Amherst with his wife and three children. Rich’s mom was a teacher in the City of Buffalo, and his dad was a salesman with Proctor & Gamble. Rich graduated from Canisius High School where he was a standout on the football team. Rich obtained my undergraduate degree and law degree from SUNY Buffalo.

Rich focuses his practice on helping injury victims. If you or anybody you know, is injured and needs help, contact Rich at 716-848-8000.

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