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Employment Compensation for Injuries Resulting from Motor Vehicle Accidents –

If you've been in a motor vehicle collision, and you've been taken out to work by your doctor, there are ways for you to get paid. A lot of times my clients come to me and they're confused, they don't know how to navigate the system, but it's actually very simple one that needs to be done.

Number one, your employment needs to be verified by your employer. Number two, you just need to fill out a form that we can help you fill out that gets sent to your own no-fault insurance company. And number three, your doctor has to take you out of work and give you a disability note.

If those three things are met and you have the proper no-fault insurance, you're going to get lost wages while you're out of work as a result of your motor vehicle collision allowing you to get the treatment you need and rest up so you can heal and get better.

If you are injured, we can help. Give us a call at Cantor and Wolff, 848-8000.

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